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Our solution is designed to simplify and automate the way heavy and medium fleet equipment are sourced, rented/leased, managed during the leasing period as well as returned to the operator owner.



Welcome to Booqam.com, your ultimate destination for heavy equipment leasing! We are a cutting-edge platform that connects equipment owners with equipment renters, offering a wide array of high-quality machinery for various industries. Our mission is to streamline the process of renting heavy equipment, making it efficient, reliable, and hassle-free for all parties involved.

At Booqam.com, we understand the challenges faced by businesses and individuals when it comes to finding the right equipment for their projects. Purchasing heavy equipment can be a significant investment, and it may not always be the most cost-effective or practical solution. That's where we come in. We provide a convenient and cost-efficient alternative through our comprehensive online marketplace.

Our platform brings together a vast network of equipment owners who have a range of machinery available for rent. Whether you need construction equipment, agricultural machinery, mining tools, or any other heavy equipment, Booqam.com has got you covered. We offer a diverse selection of well-maintained, state-of-the-art equipment from trusted and verified owners, ensuring that you can find the perfect machinery for your specific needs. Renting equipment through Booqam.com offers numerous advantages. Firstly, it allows you to access a wide variety of equipment options without the burden of ownership. This flexibility enables you to scale your operations efficiently and adapt to changing project requirements. Additionally, renting equipment helps you reduce upfront costs and eliminate the expenses associated with equipment maintenance, storage, and depreciation.

Our platform is designed with user-friendliness and convenience in mind. The Booqam.com website provides an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface, allowing you to browse through our extensive catalog and search for equipment based on your specific criteria. Each equipment listing comes with detailed descriptions, specifications, and high-resolution images, enabling you to make informed decisions. Our advanced search filters further assist you in narrowing down your options and finding the perfect match for your project. At Booqam.com, we prioritize customer satisfaction and aim to deliver a seamless rental experience. We offer secure payment options, transparent rental agreements, and reliable customer support to ensure your peace of mind throughout the rental process. Our dedicated team is always available to address your queries, assist with technical support, and guide you in choosing the right equipment for your requirements. Whether you are a construction company in need of heavy machinery for a large-scale project, a farmer looking for agricultural equipment, or an individual undertaking a DIY project, Booqam.com is your go-to destination for all your heavy equipment leasing needs. We strive to be the trusted platform that connects equipment owners and renters, revolutionizing the way heavy equipment is sourced and utilized. Join Booqam.com today and experience the convenience, affordability, and efficiency of leasing heavy equipment. Let us help you find the right tools to fuel your success and drive your projects forward.

Industries continues to grow everyday thanks to the confidence our clients have in us.


The team comprises veterans in the heavy fleet logistic industry with both local and global exposures .Safety is life hence our watchword.


This platform will bring together equipment owners from both far and wide in Africa and boast of a wide range of equipment from which equipment renters will have a wide array of equipment to choose from.

OUr Commitment

At Booqam.com, our commitment to providing cost-effective industrial solutions is at the forefront of our services. We strive to help businesses optimize their operations, maximize their resources, and achieve their goals without compromising on quality or efficiency. By leveraging our platform, you can access a vast array of equipment options, minimize expenses, and enhance your overall bottom line.

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This platform seems to simplify and manage it in a more organized form to make life easier for both the Users and ESP

Equipment Users and ESP have a lot to benefit from this platform as it will simplify the following processes involved in equipment leasing.

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Cost-effective Industrial Solutions

By offering a comprehensive range of heavy equipment for rent, we enable businesses to access the machinery they need without the burden of upfront costs associated with purchasing. Renting equipment through Booqam.com allows you to allocate your financial resources more strategically, investing in other areas of your business that require attention.

Robust Inventory of Parts and Products

Equipment maintenance and repairs can be costly and time-consuming. When you rent through Booqam.com, you benefit from well-maintained equipment that is regularly serviced by the owners. This reduces the risk of unexpected breakdowns and the associated expenses, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.

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